Auto Detailing

San Antonio Auto Detailing Service

At Northside Ford, cars are our lifeblood. We sell them. We buy them. We repair them. But, perhaps most importantly, we detail them to perfection. Our auto detailing crew is available to give even the dingiest car a shot of life. If you need your car cleaned, allow our San Antonio auto detailers to get down to work.

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Our Car Detailing Options

Proper car care comes in many forms. When visiting our auto detailing team in San Antonio, your car will be treated to any of the following types of detailing services:

  • Leather seat and dash treatment
  • Complete car wash
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Cabin cleaning, including door panels, cupholders, and vents
  • Vacuuming
  • Clay bar applications
  • Polishing and waxing
  • Tire shining
  • Underbody pressure washing
  • Engine degreasing
  • And more

Is professional auto detailing really better than doing it yourself?

The simple answer: Yes. But because our car detailers like details (hah), we want you to know why it’s best to visit a professional detailing place.

  1. Price: The cost to purchase the right car detailing products can be astronomical, especially if you only plan on detailing your car every season’s change. You must consider items like soaps, waxes, clays, polish, compounds, sealants, cloths, rags, brushes—see what we mean? At our San Antonio dealer, we have these specialty auto detail products readily available, which means you don’t have to spend a ton to get your vehicle clean.
  2. Convenience: A thoroughly detailed car takes effort and time—two things that many people don’t have. Rather than spending an afternoon in the driveway, you can bring your vehicle into Northside Ford for anything from a speedy car wash to a speedy deep clean of its interior.
  3. Expertise: YouTube videos are excellent starting points if you plan on being an auto detailing hobbyist; however, the bulk of drivers simply can’t learn enough about the art of vehicle detailing without loads of practice. The car detailers at Northside Ford have spent years perfecting their craft, making them perfectly suited to make any vehicle look its best.
  4. Less Risk: Expert auto detailers are usually insured, licensed, and trained. Therefore, visiting a professional detailer virtually eliminates the risk of car damage due to a heinous DIY car detailing act.

Don’t tackle too much just to have your car looking as good as new. Bring it into our San Antonio auto body shop for superb detailing service. Contact us at (210) 525-9800 to schedule an appointment or stop in any time our service bay gates are open (Monday through Saturday). And if you need a new Ford or quality used car, we can help with that, too!