Complete Unibody & Car Frame Repair Service in San Antonio

Almost three decades of service in San Antonio—our body shop is rated numero uno for a variety of reasons, such as superlative prices, excellent service, and the fact that we’re the first “green” collision repair center in the area—has led us to you and your beat-up vehicle. And even though you’ve experienced the trauma caused by a collision, destiny brought us together for a reason.

If your car, SUV, truck, or van has some nasty frame damage, contact our Northside Ford collision repair specialists at 844-281-5493 or schedule an appointment online. We’ll gladly bring your vehicle back from the brink of expiration with our complete unibody and frame restoration services.

What is the Difference Between a Frame and Unibody?

Although rarer in newer vehicles, a “body-on” car frame is built separately from the car itself. The vehicle’s body is mounted on top of the frame, and all necessary components—suspension, axles, engine bay, etc.—are welded or connected to form the chassis. Various frame types exist, including C-shape, box, and hat frames.

Most late-model vehicles, including new Ford models, are constructed with a unibody frame. A unibody design sounds exactly like you’d imagine—the frame and vehicle are constructed together as one piece, and is usually made of high-strength steel or flexible aluminum to reduce overall curb weight and increase occupant safety.

About Our Auto Frame & Unibody Repair Services

Like your own skeleton, your vehicle’s frame is the support system that keeps everything functioning as intended. Without it, your car is just a heap in a junkyard. Also like a skeleton, not every frame or unibody construction is built the same. In fact, each auto manufacturer designs and crafts their own proprietary frames, thus making experts like our auto body technicians essential in the event of a collision.

While we specialize in fixing and restoring frames on Ford models, we are also expertly trained to perform the following services on most other makes and models:

  • Spot welding over corroded, rusted, or broken areas
  • Complete panel replacement
  • Straightening of diamond, twist, sway, mash, and sag damage
  • Suspension repair
  • New paint application to match exterior color
  • Correction of hidden frame damage
  • Aluminum and steel frame repair

Once your vehicle’s frame has been set straight and restored to the manufacturer’s default condition, we’ll perform any other necessary auto service, install essential OEM car parts, and re-align your wheels.

Schedule Major Collision Repair Service at Northside Ford

At Northside Ford, we’d like to officially bust the myth that a busted frame means irreversible damage. In reality, nearly any type of frame or unibody damage can be repaired with proper care, professional equipment, and an expert’s set of hands. Luckily for you, we offer all three!

Call our collision repair shop at 844-281-5493 to request a tow into our body shop at 12300 San Pedro Ave in San Antonio, TX. We are conveniently located near New Braunfels and work with just about any insurance company to ensure your vehicle is ready to get back on the road without adding extra dents in your wallet.