Car Radiator Service & Ford AC Recharge in San Antonio

Car Radiator Service & Ford AC Recharge in San Antonio

Today’s vehicles have advanced cooling and air conditioning systems that last longer than older models, but that also means it’s even more important to get them serviced by professionals. At Northside Ford, our technicians and mechanics have the skills, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair any overheated engine, coolant leak, or broken AC system. Whether you’re worried about a dashboard light or simply need your AC recharged, schedule an appointment at our San Antonio service center to get the best car care possible!

AC Recharge Service

Although there’s no recommended AC maintenance schedule for Fords or other vehicle makes, sometimes a complete AC recharge is needed—and you’ll know it when it happens. Once your car’s air conditioner is blowing barely cooled San Antonio air, it’s time to get a professional on the case. Our Northside Ford AC experts will not only perform full refrigerant recharges, but we’ll also inspect your air conditioning system for signs of leaks, hose failure, broken belts, and faulty fans. Once we’re done inspecting the AC, we’ll test it and have you back to the Texan streets with the windows up.

Reasons Your Car May Be Overheating

An overheated car isn’t just a clichéd movie trope—it can be a real cause for concern. If see an illuminated “Check Engine” light during the summer or, worse yet, smoke billowing out from under the hood, you may have one of the following radiator problems:

  • Failing thermostat – An overheated engine is most commonly caused by a thermostat that is unable to properly control the flow of coolant into the radiator. Luckily, thermostats can be removed and replaced by our San Antonio auto technicians—and they’re far more affordable than a new radiator!
  • Hose failure – A leak in the cooling system is another common source of overheated-engine blues. Hoses connect the coolant and radiator together, and if they become worn, cracked, or loose, they can leak fluid. Because these hoses are more prone to failure, our mechanics always check for damage when conducting tune-ups and radiator service.
  • Busted water pump – Your car’s water pump regulates engine temperatures by circulates water out of the radiator, into the engine, and then back into the radiator. If it fails, the engine will overheat very quickly and likely produce radiator steam.
  • Broken radiator fan – Many owners are baffled when their car overheats idling in traffic but runs perfectly well on the highway. The cause for this is likely a broken radiator fan.
  • Low coolant – Modern cars don’t need their coolant replaced very regularly—most newer Ford models require a coolant flush after 50,000-plus miles—but if your vehicle has gone a few years without new antifreeze, it may be time to get a fluid flush. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, or ask our San Antonio Ford techs for assistance.
  • Obstructions – Less often, your vehicle is overheating because of some obstruction in the coolant system or other restriction. When exhaust can’t find an efficient way out, whether due to a clogged pipe or failing catalytic converter, it can produce similar radiator problems as mentioned above. If the common offenders of overheating aren’t found, our Ford service technicians will inspect your car’s other internal components to find the cause and fix it.

Like a fever, an overheating engine is a symptom of something bigger. If left untreated, you may notice the engine rattling, a loss of cabin power, or—brace yourself—a blown head gasket or piston. Don’t let the worst happen when it a simple thermostat replacement could be the solution! Bring or have your overheated car towed into our Northside Ford service center, and eliminate that risk.

Call our Northside Ford service center at 844-281-5493 or use our online form to schedule an appointment for an AC recharge or radiator inspection. We perform repairs and service on all makes and models, and always use genuine Ford parts on Ford vehicles so that you can be sure you’re receiving quality with each visit. And if you need to make the upgrade to a new Ford or newer used car, check out our online inventory and Ford specials!