Ford Oil Change

Ford Oil Change Scheduling & Advice in San Antonio

Engine oil is essential to keeping your car running efficiently, and any abnormal grinding, clicking, or screeching sounds could indicate the need to get an oil change, pronto. At Northside Ford, we provide oil change services on all Ford models, as well as other makes of vehicle, so that you can maximize your engine’s potential. If you’ve crossed the 5,000-mile threshold since your car’s last oil and filter change, and notice loud noises coming from the hood, a drop in fuel efficiency, or a blinking “check engine” light, give us a call!


Contact the Northside Ford service center at 844-281-5493. Oil changes are performed on a first-come, first-served basis, so stop by our shop at 12300 San Pedro Ave in San Antonio, TX, for expert oil change service. In addition to general oil changes, our Ford Quick Lane center also perform tire rotations, routine maintenance, brake inspections, battery tests, AC repair, and much more.

The Works™ Fuel Saver – An Advanced Ford Oil Change Package

A general oil change is great, essential even, but if you truly care about your car, you should consider taking it a step further with The Works™. In addition to new synthetic-blend oil, your car will be given a tire rotation, brake inspection, battery test, fluid top-off, belt and hose check, and more. When peace of mind is a concern, don’t settle for anything less than this advanced Ford oil change package.

Tips to Improve Your Car’s Performance & MPGs

Regular oil changes aren’t the only way to increase your vehicle’s efficiency. In fact, you can improve gas mileage and general performance by following some of these tips.

  • Rotate and Inflate Tires – During every regular oil change, you should request a tire rotation. If your car doesn’t have TPMS, you should check your tire pressure on a regular basis, especially at the beginning of new seasons.
  • Use Manufacturer’s Recommended Motor Oil – Not all engine oils are created equal. Check your owner’s manual or let our oil change experts discover your specific make and model’s ideal oil and filter.
  • Perform Regular Maintenance – Prevent problems in the future by staying up on your scheduled routine maintenance tasks. If you own a Ford, follow the manufacturer’s proposed schedule for your model, which can be found on
  • Avoid Aggressive Driving – Quick stop-and-gos, frequent speed changes, and excess acceleration can lead to wasted fuel and be a detriment to your engine’s overall life.
  • Use Cruise Control – Cruise control can help you acquire better and less aggressive driving habits.
  • Don’t Idle – If you must wait in your vehicle for longer than the time it takes an intersection light to turn green, consider turning off your engine instead.
  • Follow the Speed Limits – Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency typically drops at speeds over 60 mph.

The Right Techs, The Right Service

With the technological advancement of today’s engines, an oil change might not be a simple DIY task like it used to be. At Northside Ford, we realize that modern vehicles require modern care. That’s why we staff well-trained and knowledgeable service technicians at our garage. As one of the best-equipped service centers in San Antonio, we’re ready to get your vehicle running at its peak performance.

If you live near San Antonio and need professional service, oil change or otherwise, come to Northside Ford. We serve the entire region, including New Braunfels, Seguin, and Universal City, TX. Call us now at 844-281-5493 or use our online service scheduler to make an appointment today. In addition to our oil changes and repair services, we also sell new Ford models and used vehicles.