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Northside Ford Concierge Service

Welcome to Northside Ford’s complimentary concierge service. We realize you don’t want to spend hours in a dealership, so we have designed the Northside Express with Concierge service to serve you better. We want you to experience first-class customer service in the comfort of your home or business when you’re shopping for your new Ford from Northside Ford. We are changing the way people buy cars. Let our dedicated team show you the new way to buy a new vehicle, all while getting the best deal in San Antonio.

How does it work?

Speak with a Northside Ford Concierge Specialist via phone, text, or email about what type of vehicle you are interested in purchasing. Your concierge specialist will then go over all the available inventory options, pricing, and available incentives. Next, your Concierge will work with you to set up a time convenient for you at your home or business to bring the vehicle to you for a proper demonstration and test drive.

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Have a trade?

Let your concierge appraise your vehicle without coming to the dealership, or complete our online appraisal today. Once you’ve selected your new car, you have the option to let one of our sales associates come to your home or business to pick up your vehicle to bring it back to our dealership for a proper appraisal.

Need Help with Financing?

We can help you with all of your financing needs. You can get pre-approved through our secure online application without stepping a foot inside our dealership.

Ready to complete your purchase?

Once you have picked out the vehicle you want to purchase, you will work with your Northside Ford Concierge Specialist to set up a time for you to either come to our dealership or for us to come to you to complete the paperwork and take delivery of your new Ford. Before your delivery, your Northside Ford Concierge Specialist will have your new vehicle detailed and filled with gas.

The Northside Ford Concierge service is available Monday through Saturday. Contact us today!

Northside Concierge Service

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