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Compare Premium vs. Regular Gas

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Standing at the gas pump in San Antonio can be a bit confusing when you don’t know the difference between premium and regular gas. Northside Ford can help. Premium gasoline has a higher octane level than regular unleaded fuel. What is octane? It deals with engine combustion, and the higher the octane rating, the less likely it is to combust outside of its normal standards. Should you use premium or regular gas in your new Ford? Unless the auto manufacturer recommends explicitly premium gas, stick with regular.

What Happens if You Use Premium vs. Regular Gas?

Nothing terrible will happen to your new Ford if you choose to fill up with premium vs. regular gas, even if your automobile doesn’t require premium fuel on San Antonio roads. Still, if your auto manufacturer recommends premium gas for your vehicle, and you don’t use it, it could damage your engine. The difference between premium gas vs. regular gas really doesn’t matter if your car doesn’t need premium. You might think higher-grade gasoline might enhance engine performance or fuel-efficiency, but it’s not true. The gas itself won’t increase the performance of your engine, so why not use regular gas vs. premium? After all, premium gas is usually more expensive to pay for if your car doesn’t require it. 

What Happens if You Use Regular Gas in a Premium Car?

If you’re driving a higher-performance vehicle and make the mistake of using lower-octane gasoline than what the automaker recommends, it could cause problems. Driving and filling up your car with regular gas vs. premium when you’re supposed to be using premium gas means your fuel economy or horsepower will likely suffer. Using regular fuel instead of premium might also damage your car. You probably bought a luxury car for a reason, so why not use the correct fuel to help keep it in top condition?

Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

Using premium gas vs. regular might not provide many benefits for routine driving around New Braunfels, but there could be times when it’s still wise, such as:

  • To achieve maximum towing capacity
  • When you’re off-roading
  • Driving up a steep incline, like a mountain pass
  • When you’re driving in harsh weather conditions around Boerne or beyond

Turn to Northside Ford for All of Your Auto Care

Now that you understand the difference between premium and regular gas, be sure to make the smart decision whenever you stop for gas around San Antonio. You can also maximize your fuel economy by sticking to the recommended maintenance schedule for your Ford. If you need service on your vehicle, Northside Ford is always at your service! You can schedule a service appointment online. Let us know how we can help, then contact us today.

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