Conventional Oil Changes vs Synthetic Oil Changes

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Conventional Oil Changes vs Synthetic Oil Changes

Conventional Oil Changes vs Synthetic Oil Changes

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Which Engine Oil is Right for Your Ford?

There are four main types of motor oil—full synthetic oil, synthetic blends, high-mileage oil, and conventional motor oil. Each one has different properties suited to particular vehicles and distinctive driving needs.

For most drivers, the main decision on what type of oil to use is conventional or synthetic oil. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend a synthetic oil as the best possible lubricant for your engine since it has undergone more refinement than conventional oil.

The Benefits of Synthetic Blends and Full Synthetic Oils

The recommended oil for your Ford is full synthetic or a synthetic blend. Synthetic oils have fewer impurities than conventional motor oil and are infused with carrier agents, cleansers, anti-oxidizers, and anti-gumming agents that keep it cleaner and improve viscosity for longer periods of time.

Full synthetic oils also perform better in extreme temperatures. So, if you live in a cold or hot climate—like San Antonio in the summer—they are far better for your vehicle. Full synthetic oil is more effective than synthetic blends, but blends are better than conventional oils.

Synthetic oil changes generally cost more, but in the long run they will increase the lifespan of your engine and all its moving parts. Synthetic blends are a feasible alternative, as they are less expensive and still do a good job.

Schedule an Oil Change Service at Northside Ford

Make sure you’re getting the best engine oil & oil filter change service when you schedule an appointment at Northside Ford in San Antonio, Texas. We’ll be happy to answer your questions on which motor oil is best for your new or pre-owned Ford vehicle.

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