How Often Should You Bring Your Car in for a Service Checkup

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How Often Should You Bring Your Car in for a Service Checkup

How Often Should You Bring Your Car in for a Service Checkup

Invest in Routine Ford Maintenance

After you’ve invested in an innovative Ford car, truck, SUV, or EV, it’s important to maintain your investment. The best way to do this is by following the manufacturer’s recommended car maintenance checklist. These routine checkups involve inspecting wear-and-tear components like tires, windshield wipers, brake pads, and more.

Investing in routine Ford maintenance can help you save money in the long run throughout your vehicle ownership, and the best place near Alamo Heights for Ford service is Northside Ford.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Service Intervals

All Ford vehicles have a recommended service interval, and you can find it in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Of course, the service advisors at Northside Ford can suggest maintenance intervals based on your vehicle’s age and mileage, along with your driving habits. Even the weather in San Antonio can affect the components under the hood and in the cabin.

If you drive a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, you will need to schedule motor oil and filter changes. The service interval for oil changes is anywhere between 3,000 miles and 10,000 miles. Changing the oil keeps your engine components lubricated to prevent excessive friction.

Other recommended service visits include cabin air filter changes, usually every 15,000 miles. Some people prefer to change them every other season to remove pollen, salt, and other unwanted debris. Your vehicle’s tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles to extend their lifespan, and your brakes should be inspected at every oil change.

Brake fluid should be flushed every two years. It’s a good idea to have your suspension checked every 30,000. Automatic transmissions usually need transmission fluid flushes around 50,000 or 60,000 miles.

Fortunately, most newer vehicles have reminders for many important service visits, and your service advisor at Northside Ford can make recommendations based on your vehicle and its comprehensive service history.

Why Choose Dealership Service in San Antonio

The best place to follow your car maintenance schedule is Northside Ford in San Antonio, Texas. Our service team can help with check-engine light service, by using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, and then correct the problem with our innovative equipment designed especially for Ford vehicles.

When you choose service at Northside Ford, you can trust that our technicians use only genuine Ford parts which come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and precise fit. Our team knows the Ford lineup better than anyone, so they can recommend the best conventional, synthetic-blend, or synthetic oil for your vehicle. We also offer convenient online service scheduling so you can arrange your next vehicle checkup from your smartphone or computer.

Schedule Your Routine Car Maintenance at Northside Ford Near Castle Heights, TX

Before you schedule your next vehicle maintenance visit at Northside Ford, we recommend browsing our service specials. You’ll find money-saving opportunities on everything from spark plug service to exhaust system checks and power steering service to engine air filter replacements.

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